Buttoneer Button Fastener

Buttoneer Button Fastener Attaches Buttons and More in Only Seconds! 
Button Fastening System For Your Household and Travel Needs

Lose a button? Buttoneer Button Fastener will replace it in seconds. This handy device is great for those of us who go cross-eyed trying to thread needles and usually manage to gouge ourselves sewing simple stitches. Just load it and squeeze! Buttoneer Button Fastener nearly-invisible fasteners can even be used independently to repair hundreds of different fabric items. Buttoneer Button Fastener is great for crafters, travellers and klutzes!

Lose a button? Sewing buttons can be such a hassle! Trying to thread a needle can be hard enough and then you poke and gouge yourself sewing buttons back on! Now there is an easier way to replace your lost buttons - the Buttoneer Button Fastener! Anyone can replace a button with the Buttoneer - you don't even have to know how to sew a button! 

Handy device that will replace buttons in seconds.

Easy to Use 
No Sewing Necessary 
Lightweight and Compact 
Works on Most Fabrics 
Great for Home, Office, School, or Travel 
Easier than Threading a Needle 
Washer, Dryer, Dry Cleaning, and Ironing Safe 
Nearly Invisible Fasteners Won't Unravel 


Use Buttoneer Button Fastening System to:

Repair a loose strap 
Hem Pants, Skirts,and loose Linings 
Decorate Crafts, Clothing 
Apply Appliqu�s 
Replace Buttons and More

What do I get?

1 Buttoneer Button Fastener with Needle Guard 
50 fasteners 
10 buttons 
Also Available Seperately: Buttoneer Replacements (Pack of 100 Buttoneer Refills)


How is Buttoneer Button Fastener superior to an ordinary needle?
You don't have to thread it. The fastenings won't unravel like thread. It's faster to use. The fastenings are nearly invisible. Only you will know you're wearing them.

What will my Buttoneer Button Fastener work on?
Use your imagination and you'll find endless uses for the Buttoneer Button Fastener! Here are just a few suggestions: clothing repairs, hems, cushions and crafts.

Will it harm my clothes?
Buttoneer buttons and fastenings are washer, dryer, dry cleaning and iron safe. The needles may snag on certain knit fabrics. It is best to test them first on an inside them.

Button Fastener System

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Buttoneer Refills
(100 pack Buttoneer replacements)

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